General School Rule

General School Rule

The school reserves the right to take strict disciplinary action which may result in suspension or termination against students who show unsatisfactory academic progress or whose conduct is proven to have bad influence on others.

The following are some rules and regulations to be observed by the students, deviation of which would lead to disciplinary action:

            i)  Weapons, sharp instruments like blades, knives, paper- scalpels, scissors etc to school

           ii)  Money, unless specified.

          iii)  Expensive stationery (pencils, pencils boxes etc.)

          iv) Electronic devices like mobile phones, cameras, i-pods tablets and secondary storage devices (CDs, DVDs, pen drives, portable HDD, micro SD or SD cards etc.)

           v)  Cosmetics, combs, perfumes deodorants.

          vi) Ink whitener pens or fluids.These items, if brought to school will be confiscated and heavy fine will be levied for the same.

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