One in a million is our Millennium

Beneath the bright blue sky its dome

With pride we will voice the name of our School

And in our hearts its love will ever rule..........


Millennium will shine like the star in the sky

We will hol the banner of the School so high

Millennium is surely the School of our choice 

In it glory we will always rejoice

The School where our dreams and hopes will rise

With our heads held high we will sing its praise

Love for our School is the the theme of our song

In its warmth abd grace we will never go wrong

With God's spirit on us we will move hand in hand 

The tempests of life with his grace we will withstand

Honour and glory for our School we will give

And love Millennium School as long as we live

To our School we will always & ever be true

And uphold its name for the School to view

With love in our hearts and prayers in our soul

Upholding the School's name will be our goal..... 

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