Vision & Values

Vision & Values

Our Vision

Building Leadership

At Millennium World School, we believe in building leadership skills by developing each child’s individuality and helping our students discover their potential. Leadership programmes at the school help make children confident and ready for challenges. These programmes focus at developing emotional intelligence of the students by making them independent decision makers and problem solvers

Lifelong learning

Children are taught to be lifelong learners so that they can adapt creatively for meeting the demands of the future. We equip our children with 21st century skills and encourage them to be flexible in their thinking so that they remain lifelong learners.

Education is Innovation

We believe that change is constant. Things relevant today may not be so in the future. Hence we are committed to constant innovation in our educational programmes to keep pace with changing realities.

Every Stakeholder Counts

At Millennium World School, we understand that our success depends on the knowledge, creativity and motivation of our stakeholders- students, teachers, parents/guardians and the community. Respect, empathy and transparency in all our interactions with our stakeholders is crucial for us.

One with Nature

We see the school, its students and the staff as a microcosm of the larger community. Like every community, we too have a responsibility to the world around us. We create a healthy environment in everything we do. At Millennium World School, every aspect of the school’s governance and pedagogy reflects green practices.

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